Inflatable Seat (hire)

$30.00 (inc. GST)

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Want a seat in your birth pool? We got you covered. Don’t want a seat? We also got you covered.

Not everyone wants a seat in their birth pool – some find that it inhibits their ability to move around the pool as freely and just gets in the way. Also, if you are using one of our beautiful patterned liners, the seat will distort the pattern shape a bit, so you may prefer to forgo the seat for the sake of aesthetics and symmetry… or not!

Others absolutely love having a seat in their birth pool, which is why we have included this sweetie as an option. It can be useful to sit on while you’re in labour and after your baby is born.

Whether you’re a seat user or not, your off white birth pool will be stunning either way, so just go with what feels right for you!

This inflatable seat can be used ONLY under a disposable liner (otherwise it will just float around on top of the water!) and should be pushed up against the side of the pool, opposite the cup holder.

This seat is made from the same 0.55mm eco PVC as the pools and is free from harmful chemicals such as lead, cadmium and pthalates.

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